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Run applications from a limited or guest account

Have you ever needed to run a program from a limited guest account on a PC where you don't usually have such privileges? Without the admin password, usually you can't but RunItAs provides a simple solution by running an executable file using specified credentials. RunitAs runs an executable file using the specified creditentials that you used to login i.e. (Domain, Username and Password) from a limited or guest account. It's very similar to the Windows "RunAs" function but with more features.

Once you've set all the required fields, it's very easy to create shortcuts for the current user or all the users of the computer to execut a program. The shortcut uses the EXE icon of the selected program and it's default name is cleverly retreived from the program resources description. Whenever a new shortcut is required, just open the project again and you can create it within seconds.

If you've been blocked from a machine and want to execute a file or simply want to create an EXE shortcut for a new program, this is a very simple but effective program.

RunitAs runs an executable file using the specified creditentials (domain, user and password) from a limited or guest account. Similar to the Windows RunAs function with more features.

If you're needing to run an EXE file from a PC with limited permissions or just need an EXE file shortcut, look no further.


  • Allows you to create EXE files with limited permissions
  • Easily create EXE shortcuts for new programs
  • Simple to use


  • Doesn't always find the right program description

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RunItAs 1.0 for PC

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  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    access denied.
    when i try to install this software, it says ' you must be logged on as administrator to install this program'

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